Administrative Officer’s

Technical education is very important for the development of our state of jammu and Kashmir in particular which has been lagging behind due to various reasons and empowerment of our youth who have scientific temperament and aptitude for skill. It is the axis around which the development of any nation and its economy revolves. The main aim of the technical education is to upgrade the quality of the technical education in the state.

I personally believe that today’s youth should be well prepared with technical training so that he or she need not to wander door to door for Govt. jobs, in this connection the institute has provided trainings tao a huge number and more than 10,000 students have been trained so far since we are linked with many private as well as govt. organizations.

I hope that Govt. will continue to upgrade and update its courses from time to time as per the needs of market to make the students capable enough to interface with skill, scale ane speed as per the requirements to eradicate the menace of unemployment. I wish the youth of our state of jammu & Kashmir a bright future ahead.